November 2005 News items

Planning Decision

Date Client Facility Decision
November '05 Bord Na Móna Plc. Drehid Integrated Waste Management Facility Planning Granted by An Bord Pleanala after Oral Hearing

IGI (Institute of Geologists of Ireland) 2005
"The role of Geology in the successful delivery of major infrastructure projects"

The IGI Conference "Breaking Ground" will be held on 11th November 2005 in Dublin Castle. The objective of the conference is to explain how the geological profession is an essential contributor to understanding and overcoming challenging ground conditions that affect the construction of major onshore and offshore infrastructure projects. Presentations will address the importance of site investigation to ensure that construction design is not compromised. Sean Finlay (TES) and Kevin Cullen will be presenting a paper relating to "Hazardous Waste".
This years conference is sponsored by TOBIN Consulting Engineers.

National Hydrology Seminar 2005
The sixth National Hydrology Seminar will be held on 15th November 2005 in the Tullamore Court Hotel. Leo Brogan (Field Geologist and Hydrogeologist at TES) will present a joint paper with Prof. Conleth Cunnane (Department of Engineering Hydrology, NUI Galway) entitled "Low Flow Hydrology in Ireland".

Litter Seminar 2005

The Litter Monitoring Body (LMB) Seminar took place on November 2nd 2005 at Tullamore Court Hotel, organised by TES. The seminar was a resounding success with a combination of presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions. The event was attended by DoEHLG representatives and many local authority representatives. Sean Finlay (Executive Chairman TES) chaired the conference. All delegates and in particular the DoEHLG were very complimentary of an excellent event.

Congratulations to all the speakers, including Mairead Hogan, Emma Delaney and Maeve Mc Kenna (TES), who contributed many interesting viewpoints to the discussion forum. Many thanks to Mairead Hogan and all the team on a job very well done.

TES/TOBIN greyhound!

TES/TOBIN have added a new member to their growing list of staff! We are delighted to announce the arrival of a 2-month old greyhound to our company. Discussions are in progress regarding the name of the pup but hopefully we have a winner on our hands!! Watch this space!

Farewell -
TES Consulting Engineers would like to wish Emma Delaney the very best of luck on her world travels, beginning this month. Emma has been an integral member of TES for the past 3 years and has been very involved in a number of projects including socio-economic contributions to EIS reports, the Litter Monitoring Body and various wind energy projects.
Hopefully, Emma will be returning to TES following her year of travel and adventure.

Mystery Pub Trail 2005 –Dublin Social Club.
On October 21st, 25 brave souls made their way to Hogan’s Bar on George Street, Dublin, where their fate for the next 5/12 hours (!) was decided. The teams were announced and the “Mystery Pub Trail 2005” began….Social Organiser Bronagh Lennon had carried out some pre-event research and after the clues for each host bar were deciphered, the masses went forth to conquer!

Each bar had a number of clues to which answers were required in order to gain points for the final. Some of the clues were so cleverly thought out by the organiser, that an anagram was mistaken for a play-on-words and one team ended up at the wrong “watering hole”, where they even managed to answer the questions associated with this bar!

At 7:30, following much banter between the teams as they attempted to conceal their answers and send the opposition miles off course, all retreated to the final pit stop.
The answer sheets were quickly corrected and the tension was building….

But no winner was announced – Ms. Lennon was to ensure that the eventual winners were to hard-earn the much coveted trophy and each member of the competing teams fought their way to victory through a series of original and highly entertaining tasks.

The final winners “Team Delaney”, comprised of Dawn Mitchell, Colin Peacock, Emma Delaney and Alan O’Brien and as they positioned the “Mystery Pub Trail 2005” trophy in a prime viewing location on the following Monday morning, the defeated teams could barely disguise their heartache as they trudged through the office to their seats.

A list of Dublin’s prime bars was discovered on the printer at lunchtime as one member of staff had decided to prepare well in advance for next year’s event…..

Thank you Bronagh for all your hard work - it was greatly appreciated!